2Sports Week 2023

Report of the sports week

The students of Wah Medical College rejoiced with enthusiasm as they welcomed the most anticipated sports week of the year 2023. Day one commenced with a beaming inauguration ceremony which took place at 9 am in the College Ground in the presence of full faculty, distinguished guests and esteemed acting principal. After the recitation of Surah ad Duha, the National Anthem was sung with full patriotism. Each batch paraded towards the ground in pride with their banners on the front emanating the full vibe of their theme song. The atmosphere pervaded with the slogans as flares clouded all vision in the characteristic colours of all the batches one after the other. Dr. Zubia Athar took a disciplinary oath from the participants and the Dean Dr. Musarat Ramzan officiated the annual sports week with a concise discourse.

Arts and Crafts Competition was conducted in the exam hall which was transformed into a hub showcasing creativity of various levels. Different categories of competitions included acrylic painting, sketching, calligraphy, model making and banner’s decor evaluation. The participants received praise for their talented artwork and were awarded certificates and medals in appreciation.

The crowd witnessed a historical Cricket Match played by the College faculty which was followed by a semi-final in which Renegades defeated Agathons and Villaricans won against Kryptonites. The college ground was overflowed with chants of the winners as waves of euphoria swept through the atmosphere. The day culminated with a stunning Table Tennis Tournament (both boys and girls) which was enjoyed by everyone watching.

The following second and third day were spent in the POF Sports Complex. As daylight poured into the ground, the participants of Boys and Girls’ Athletics competitions including 200m and 400m relay races seemed full of electric energy to sprint on the whistle blow and win medals in their contests to climb on top of the point’s tables for the Champions trophy. Throw ball Tournament also took place for girls where Kryptonites clean swept all the other teams grabbing a remarkable victory. As Agathons won the Tug of War trophy, the final year danced to the song ‘Champions’ celebrating their well-deserved win. The semi-finals for football resulted in Agathons and Villaricans as finalists after a worthy fight was put up by the teams that couldn’t make it. The teamwork displayed by the teams was awe inspiring and was enhanced by the support from the crowd.

One of the most dynamic tournaments was that of Badminton played in the Badminton court. Renegades’ Faizan Kamil came out as an invincible champion in the Boys Singles tournament after playing with an unparalleled thrill and vigour well mirrored by the crowd which exploded into elation commemorating their winner. Agathons succeeded in the Boys Doubles tournament inching closer to the Champions trophy. Kryptonites’ girls dominated both the Singles tournament as well as the Doubles.

In the football final, the fierce Agathons faced the valiant Villaricans in a nail biting game dragged to the penalties where Villaricans won the championship by a sensational display of sportsmanship. Agathons’ team accepted the despondent defeat with dignity. The cricket final featured Renegades as Champions as they beat Villaricans by 37 runs in a highly engaging game powered by an unmatched fervour. Renegades revelled in their win and celebrated with extreme zeal.

The last two days had an array of auditorium events ranging from Punjabi takra which brought forward an incredible display of linguistic skills to live performances which exhibited prodigious acts and conveyed thought provoking messages. The vibrant costumes, sensational acting and well written scripts breathed life into the characters on the stage and had the audience glued to their presence without anyone blinking. The last event of the day was Videography which demonstrated creative flares of editing and directing from students. The video project of Agathons was the epitome of what a short video should look like and the projects of all the other classes just fell short in the shadow of the project ‘Malaal’ which depicted the eternal truth of a Hadees e Kudsi that whatever happens that has been decreed by the one true Lord shall happen and there is no force on this wide earth stopping it from happening.

A wave of enthusiasm swept through the auditorium as the final day of sports week approached. The audience was ready to bear witness the formidable oratory skills of all the participants in the Urdu Debates and the English Declamation. The contest commenced and the participants were entreated to articulate with conviction and lucidity by the hosts. The judges were to evaluate them based on the soundness of their content, the vigour of their delivery and the potency of their discourse. After a great delivery of speeches, the august hall reverberated with the thoughts and ideas presented by the speakers which were well received by the audience. The winners were awarded medals and the chief guests presented with a token of gratitude in the form of shields and gifts. Overall, these events proved to be well managed, disciplined and of top tier quality.

The final events of the day were mushaira and bait baazi. As the stage was set up by laying down a white sheet adorned with velvety pillows and flowers, the atmosphere shifted to a mix of philosophy and art. The contestants presented their enigmatic work in the form of prose and poetry which made the audience revel in their sentiments. Literature’s worth and true moving power was well on display during the nazam and ghazal segment. After a finale, Kryptonites won the Golden trophy for bait baazi with Renegades as runner ups. The sports week culminated with a stunning prize distribution ceremony where trophies, medals, certificates of appreciation were awarded to everyone in recognition of their efforts in making the students’ week memorable. Agathons were the undisputed Champions and all batches stood in respect of their victory. The Dean expressed great satisfaction over the management of all events and was ecstatic with the progress WMC administration is making in regards to providing extracurricular activities to their students equipping them with a balanced aptitude and giving them the opportunity to excel in all fields along with strong academics. The students and faculty were treated to an annual lunch to officially end the sports week. One that will be remembered by many.