Students are required to abide by the rules and regulations of Wah Medical College while being on its rolls. Discipline is vigilantly monitored. A student shall continue to be under the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Principal of the college till the declaration of the final professional MBBS examination result.


  • When the teacher enters the class room, the students will stand up and remain standing till they are directed to sit or till the teacher takes his seat.
  • The students will once again stand up when the teacher is leaving at the end of assigned academic activity.
  • No student is allowed to leave the class room without permission of the teacher.
  • Immediately after assembly of the class, the roll call will be taken and absence will be marked. A student coming late in the classroom will be marked absent unless the teacher accepts his excuse.
  • Misbehavior of a student shall at once be reported by the teacher to the Principal through the respective HOD, who will take action as deemed necessary.
  • Students are not allowed to remain in the class room except during the prescribed hours of lectures.
  • Students are not allowed to keep their cell phones switched on inside the classroom or where an organized academic activity is going on.
  • Operating as a proxy in attendance is strictly prohibited


Every student is required to attend the clinical teaching and perform ward duties regularly at the notified time.

Students attending the hospital are required to abide by the rules for which they are under the Principal, who may award any punishment to a student committing any offence in the hospital or for negligence in carrying out the duties entrusted to him/her in the hospital. The punishment may amount to debar him/her from attending any or all the departments of hospital for a period upto three months or impose a fine upto Rs. 5000/- as considered appropriate.

Clinical training in the evening for 4th and 5th year classes is held from 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs daily except Fridays & Saturdays. Absentees are fined as per college rules.

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