Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine concerned with the eye and its diseases.

The medicine and surgery of the eye and its surrounding structures and connections to the brain, in order to maintain clear, pain-free and useful vision with an aesthetic attractive appearance. Ophthalmology is such a fantastic branch where all the branches of medicine converge and manifest.


  • For Training in Eye Department Aims and Objectives are to Equip Undergraduate MBBS students with essential knowledge, skill and attitude in order to enable them to
    • Identify ophthalmic diseases including emergencies, provide primary eye care, refer to appropriate centre and provide follow-up to the patients.
    • Perform essential minor surgical procedures.
    • Communicate effectively with the patient, the family and the community regarding Eye diseases and its related issues.
    • Understand medical ethics and its application pertaining to Ophthalmology and maintain the confidentiality of the patient.
    • Understand the prevalence and prevention of the common public health problem related to Ophthalmology in the community.
    • Understand the principles of medical research including fundamentals of information Technology.
  • Constant evaluation of students is carried out throughout the academic year through clinical classes, Tutorials, OSPE, First Term, Mid Term and Send-Up Examination
  • Level of competence is evaluated at the end of academic year by University Of Health Sciences Lahore keeping in view the aims and objectives and is assured that safe useful doctors are produced and available to serve humanity.


A quality care is provided to ophthalmic patients in outpatient department, Operation Theater and in the wards. Emergency cover is provided 24 hours round the clock. 

  • Well equipped offices available for all the faculty members
  • Five Diagnostic Rooms
  • One Laser room, 200 laser procedures done per year
    • YAG laser
    • Argon lasers
  • Two Visual filed analyzers
  • Ultrasound A/B Scan, Biometry
  • Separate waiting halls for male and female patients
  • Average patients seen 80 to 100 daily.
  • Average refractions per day 50 to 60 are done
  • Out reach programs 2 visits per week by consultants
  • 10 to 15 emergencies per week are attended
  • 3 Teaching ophthalmic units with LED and anterior segment camera live pictures are shown to the students.
  • Multimedia Smart LED Screen for teaching purpose.
  • Admission 120 patients per month
  • 26 beds (Female and male).
  • VIP and Private Rooms are also available
  • State of the art Sterilization system and equipment
  • Phacoemulsification and posterior vitrectomy facilities are available
  • Well staffed
  • Variety of surgeries
  • Work load adequate for teaching purposes
  • All the major & minor surgeries are done.
  • Departmental library consist of all the books for under graduates
  • Journals are available
  • Teaching programs are structured for Under graduate, Post graduate and for nurses
  • Department is giving 100 % result for Students, get 5 to 7 distinctions every year.


  • This department is recognized by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan and have three supervisors to cater for MCPS and FCPS students.
  • Post graduate students structured teaching program is designed according to the instruction of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan


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