Learning resource center (LRC), a nDSC_0041ew purpose-built state-of-the-art facility has recently been added to the WMC campus. Situated in the basement of the college academic block, covering an area of 12500 sqft with a capacity of 25,000 books, it has an active seating capacity for 150 plus LRC users. The LRC serves a large and diverse population of health-care providers, professionals and students. Apart from books on medical and paramedical subjects, it has a wide collection of non-medical books, audios, videos, CDs & 35mm slides, besides having access to the world’s best online resources including digital libraries and databases.

The LRC boasts of a collection on all subjects and complementary journals related to medical science, general magazines & newspaper. These are supplemented by availability of photocopying and printing facilities. LRC is open for students, faculty and staff of college, from Monday to Saturday (except public holidays) at following timings:

  • 08:00 am – 06:00 pm                  – Mon to Fri
  • 10:00 am – 02:00 pm                  – Sat (Sep to Dec for prep of exam)


Aims & Objectives:

LRC at Wah Medical College plays a vital role in supporting the academicians and researchers by providing organized formal account of DSC_0047facts and information services. We utilize innovative approaches in working with students, faculty members and researchers to help them develop current technological and information literacy skills. Our vision is to support & contribute to a healthy society through the pursuit of education, learning and research. The aim of the LRC is the advancement of medical education by:

  • Assuring access and linkage to global medical literature.
  • Promoting effective utilization of medical information & knowledge, especially in the newer e-formats.
  • Educating LRC users in the principles and techniques of information retrieval and management.



Currently, the LRC has about 10,000 latest-edition hard copy textbooks approximately on various subjects including medical subjects which in addition to taught MBBS courses, are also for post-graduate and specialist-track study and research. Moreover, to improve reading habits of students, a balanced collection of books related to Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities and Religion in both Urdu and English language has also been developed. The ‘Reference Section’ has a good number of reference books including medical and non-medical dictionaries.

  • Readership & Membership: All faculty, staff and students of Wah Medical College are eligible for membership, information regarding the details and rules for which may be accessed at the Librarians’ office.
  • Registered Visitors to WMC may also access the LRC.
  • RFID system has been installed to protect the books from theft.
  • Circulation facility is being provided to all readers. Currently, both computer and manual book-issuing is practiced.
  • Around 300 to 350 books per month are actively circulated to all faculty members & students; our aim is to increase book circulation maximally in the future.
  • Electronic resources and Subscriptions:
      • There are 46 desktop computer with internet facility provided to the LRC users on first-come basis. The library has WIFI, for those who may wish to use their own web-based electronic devices.
      • LRC showcases a large variety of periodicals, magazines, national and international medical and non-medical journals for LRC
      • Enrollment with Higher Education Commission Pakistan for Digital Library Resources.   (internationally indexed medical journals are also available.)
      • Subscription for 2 national newspapers and 3 general magazines.
      • Realizing their need and importance, LRC has developed a fairly good collection of general and subject CDs, DVDs and 35mm slides.
      • LRC is also providing photocopying facilities to all students , single side@ Rs.10/- per copy.
      • There is also a small seating lounge near the reference section and a beautiful outside seating courtyard for a more relaxed study experience.

Message from the Librarian:

LRC supports the academic programs of WMC through collections, technology and services, which enable students and faculty to access recorded knowledge and information resources. In coming years, the LRC at WMC will be delivering much more user-focused and technologically sophisticated services, designed to meet the contemporary information needs of students, faculty and staff. We strive to provide better services and facilities to support the WMC College.