The Skill Lab at Wah Medical College is a cutting-edge facility designed to foster practical and hands-on learning experiences for aspiring healthcare professionals. Nestled within the campus, this state-of-the-art lab serves as a hub for students to hone their clinical skills, simulate real-world medical scenarios, and develop the competence necessary for their future careers in the healthcare field.



Faculty of Skill Lab

Name Designation
Brig.Dr.Ghulam Mustafa(Retd) Principal IAHS/Director IoN & Skill Lab
Dr.Sohail Ashraf Incharge Skill Lab (Professor of Peadiatrics)
Dr. Muhammad Azhar Associate Professor of Surgery Deptt
Dr. Asma Aftab Assistant Professor of Eye Deptt
Dr. Sadia Fatima Senior Registrar of Medicine Deptt
Dr. Irum Mushtaq Senior Registrar of Gynae/Obs Deptt
Dr.Aeimen Fatima Senior Registrar of ENT Deptt
Dr. Aimal Hassan Registrar of Paeds Deptt
Ms Firdous Begum Clinical Coordinator IoN