Wah Medical College is situated about 40 kilometers from the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. A large number of faculty, staff and students commute every day to WMC via transport facilities provided by the college. Our transport is comfortable, reliable and driven by trained /experienced drivers to ensure safety standards .

College offer quality transport services for pick & drop from Rawalpindi/Islamabad at competitive and affordable charges to students, faculty and staff  who commute to and from WMC daily.

The reserve van travels on the route with the other vans and is available every day, in case any other vehicle faces any technical difficulty. This ensures that our commuters reach their destination without any problems and always on time.

General Instructions:

  1. In case of any breakdown, stand by transport is also available to  avoid any inconvenience.
  2. College transport is available to all out-of-town students on first-come basis.
  3. A monthly fee is charged, the amount of which is decided upon every year by the WMC Administration in consult with the Transport Committee. Charges may be inquired about from the Finance Department, Students’ Affairs or Transport Section. Revised charges are Rs. 5000/ month.
  4. To secure seating in a point bus, the transport fees for the whole year or on monthly basis may be deposited at the start of each college term/ month with the WMC Finance Department and confirmation obtained from the Transport Section.
  5. Allotment of seating in college transport shall be decided by the Transport Incharge for each student, based on routes and seating availability.
  6. Temporary Transport facilities for shorter periods are also given if seats available on monthly payment.
  7. In case of emergency or security situations, the college administration ensures that the students leave the college premises early and are dropped off at their respective residences.
  8. Currently, transport remains suspended during long holidays/ examination study periods, as students are expected to go back to their home stations.
  9. For New Students, the eligibility for securing transport is dependent upon securing admission in WMC and receiving a Student Registration N
  10. All transportation details and queries shall be directed to the Transport Incharge of WMC.