Faculty Anatomy


“Anatomy forms the basic fabric upon which all other medical sciences are embroidered to produce a wonderful tapestry of the field of medicine”

The subject of Anatomy is related to the normal structure of the human body. Its teaching commences at the time of induction into a medical college and continues for the first two years. During this period, students appear twice for university examinations (First and Second Professional MBBS).

In order to enable the students understand the normal structure of human body through a thorough teaching of the subject of Anatomy, the Wah Medical College has established a department as per rules and regulations laid down by PMDC and NUMS. The affiliation between WMC and the Department of Anatomy goes as far back as the inception of the college, as its establishment was one of the first steps taken by WMC and maintenance of its high standards is one of its ongoing objectives, for which the administration of the college and the faculty work as a team tirelessly.

Mission of Anatomy Department

To equip the students  with essential integrated knowledge of Anatomy and nurture intellectual curiosity to enhance the learning in pre-clinical and clinical sciences and  inculcate the habit of long learners.

Subject Learning Outcomes (SLOs 2023):

After studying two years in anatomy department, the student should be able to:

  1. Correlate the histomorphological features of tissues and organs of human body with their functions
  2. Correlate the developmental events of human body with common congenital anomalies
  3. Interpret the topographic and radiographic anatomy of human body and its presentations in common clinical conditions

Subject Learning Outcomes (SLOs 2022):

  1. Interpret the anatomical basis of common clinical problems related with limbs, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, brain, head & neck by correlating the normal structure of human body with its functions
  2. Demonstrate professionalism, effective communication skills, ethics and leadership while participating in all learning activities including dissection, Surface marking, CBLs and practicals
  3. Relate the histomorphological features of cell, basic tissues, & systems of human body with their functions and biochemical features
  4. Explain the embryological basis of common congenital anomalies related with human development
  5. Identify the basic features of a research article

Faculty of Anatomy Department

  Name Designation Qualification Research topics / assignments
Dr. Zubia Athar Professor & HOD MBBS, M.Phil (Anatomy) Localization of neurons of obturator & femoral nerves
LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 Dr. Uzma Shahid Professor MBBS, M.Phil (Anatomy), CHPE Atherosclerosis
Dr fouzia Noreen Dr. Kaukab Anjum Associate Professor MBBS, M.Phil, CHPE Osseous Tissue
dr-lubna-ghazal-1 Dr. Nomana Mehmood Associate Professor MBBS, M.Phil, CHPE Sleep Depression and the effects on humans
  Dr. Fauzia Siraj Assistant Professor MBBS, M.Phil, CHPE Histological Relationship of acute appendicitis with dietary fibers
  Dr. Bushra Mohsin Lecturer MBBS Social media & youth mental health
  Dr. Sumbal Bashir
Lecturer MBBS  
  Dr. Khansa Nasir
Lecturer MBBS  
  Dr. Maryum Saleem
Lecturer MBBS  
  Dr. Sehrish Khan
Lecturer MBBS  
  Dr. Amina Asif
Lecturer MBBS