Faculty Of Biochemistry


Biochemistry is the branch of science concerned with the chemical and physicochemical processes and mechanisms that occur within the human body and cell.

  • Biochemistry makes significant contributions to the fields of cell biology, physiology, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology, medicine and toxicology, as well as the fields of inflammation, cell injury and cancer. It enables a physician to understand a disease at molecular level.
  • This discipline is taught in first two years of the MBBS program in integration with other discipline taught during this time.

Departmental Mission

  • To train lifelong learners, equip them with core biochemical knowledge, ethics, morals and communication skills and enable them to effectively create a bridge between Biochemistry and applied medicine.

Subject Learning Outcomes

By the end of completion of 2 years the student should be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of Biochemistry regarding metabolic changes leading to common clinical diseases and disorders in the Human Body
  • Demonstrate Estimation of clinically important metabolites and enzymes in body fluids and co-relate their clinical importance in Diagnosis of Diseases, Disorders, Acid Base, Electrolyte and Hormonal Imbalance



Biochemistry is one of the subjects which help in building the foundation of the knowledge of a medical student. The aim of our faculty is to provide best of our services in providing this knowledge.

  Name Designation Qualification Research Interest
 Syed Touqeer Abbaas Maj. Gen Prof Abdul Khaliq Naveed HI(M),(Retd),(HOD and Principal)



 Syed Touqeer Abbaas Dr. Syed Touqeer Abbas Professor MSc, M.Phil, PhD More than 25 research publications, Enzymology, Tissues and Cells Culture, Heavy Metals
 DR.zahid Dr. Zahid Mahmood Associate Professor MBBS, M.Phil,CHPE 08 research publications,Heart-type fatty acid-binding protein as a marker of Myocardial damage
 Rabiah Dr. Rabbiah Manzoor Malik Asstt. Professor MSc, M.Phil,PhD 10 research publications Proteomics,Network Analysis, Pathways Analysis
 Dr-Annas Dr Anas Khalil Asstt. Professor MBBS, M.Phil,CHPE 10 research publications Proteomics, Antioxidant
 Kinza Dr. Kinza Tallat Lecturer MBBS  
 Dr-Sehrish Dr. Sehrish Khan Lecturer MBBS  
 DR ahsan Dr. Ahsan Ali Syed Lecturer MBBS  
  Dr. Muniba
Lecturer MBBS