Pharmacology & Therapeutics is an essential component of the modern undergraduate medical curriculum. It deals with the knowledge about drugs and its clinical application.

Students learn Pharmacology & Therapeutics in 3rd year MBBS & it forms part of the Third Professional MBBS Examination of the NUMS.


  • To facilitate the students in learning the subject according to the syllabus recommended by PM&DC and the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS).
  • To motivate the students to become lifelong self le
  • To enable students to become health professionals with good background knowledge of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

It is expected that at the end of 3rd year session, students should acquire the skill to:

  • Apply the knowledge of Pharmacology and Therapeutics on patients during their training in clinical subjects in 4th and final year MBBS.
  • Prescribe the drug therapy “Rationally” for their patients after graduation, in their respective field of practice as health professional.
  • Identify & manage the adverse drug reactions.


Department of Pharmacology is housed on the 2nd floor of the college building. The purpose built department accommodates:

  • Reception Area
  • Offices for faculty
  • CLC Office
  • Pharmacology Laboratory
  • Lab Store/Tissue Preparation Room
  • Tutorial Room
  • Departmental Library /Conference Room

Animal House is on the ground floor



The teaching of Pharmacology & Therapeutics to 3rd year MBBS students is designed to cover the syllabus of PM&DC and NUMS for 300hrs. The blue print of the curriculum is constructed before the beginning of session; in the form of:

  •  Active/ Interactive lectures
  • Case based learning
  •  Tutorials/ Interactive sessions
  •   Practical work
  •   Presentations/Seminars


           Lectures are delivered in spacious air conditioned lecture hall, equipped with multimedia & Interactive screen. Department has a well equipped laboratory for students to conduct practical work on various aspects of drugs including the effects of drugs in animals & isolated issues. The department also has facilities of departmental library & tutorial rooms The department also has the facilities of computers, scanner, printer & WiFi.


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