Jinnah Hostel

boys hostel

            WMC has two hostels, one each for its male and female students. Purpose-built and furnished recently, the comfortable and student-friendly hostels are a home away from home for students who come from the far reaches of Pakistan and abroad. Both Hostels are located within the medical college premises, in a peaceful, beautiful and safe environment.

Hostel Dues

Sr. No Description Hostel Dues each year (Boarding & lodging)
1. Single Seater 279,400
2. Biseater 244,750
3. Triseater 223,300
  1. Hostel dues can however, be deposited on quarterly basis plus Rs. 1000/- processing fee with each installment/quarter.
  2. If a student wishes to stay in the hostel for less than 3 months (but not less than 1 month) and the request is acceded to by the administration as a special case, he/she will have to pay @ Rs. 550/- per day for triseater.
  3. Student staying in hostel for less than 1 month will have to pay @ 750/- per day for triseater.
  4. If a student is removed from the college rolls on disciplinary/administrative grounds, no fee will be refunded, including the hostel dues.
  5. If a non local student has to stay in the hostel for evening classes, will be charged Rs. 400/- per day to cover food and electricity charges.
  6. Hostels will be closed during vacations, Eid Ul Azha and Eid Ul Fitr holidays. All students are required to vacate the hostels except those attending official activity if any during vacations.
  7. All dues have to be paid in advance for the duration in which hostel is required.
  8. The room status during the year may be up graded but not down graded i.e. shifting from triseater to biseater or cubical will be allowed on additional payment of the difference in amount but reverse will not be allowed.
  9. In final year all those who have stayed at least two years in the hostel irrespective of the room status, will be given cubical rooms at triseater room rates. However, those who have not stayed for two years will also be given cubical room but biseater room rates will be charged.
  10. In case of any dispute, decision of the Principal WMC will be final.
  • Can be increased upto 20% annually as per PM&DC letter no. PF.12-F-2011(Insp)/226114 dated 27 Dec 2011 to offset inflationary effect.
  • As per FBR letter No. MAC/CMA-POF-T/2013 with holding Tax @ 5% will be charged on all payments and this is an adjustable tax.


  • Offer quality boarding opportunities at affordable charges to all those sDSC_0015tudents who wish to stay as boarders
  • Provide a safe, friendly and healthy living environment to WMC boarders (and day-scholars when required) for satisfactory accomplishment of their study-goals
  • Provide opportunities for students to socialize with their peers in a relaxed manner
  • Make the boarders’ stay at WMC completely hassle-free and comfortable.


Hostel Facilities:

Jinnah Hostel
Capacity 28 Tri-seaters54 CubiclesFurnished & with attached bathrooms
Mess Hall with Waiters Yes
Messing Yes – On monthly payment
Prayer Hall/ Mosque Yes
Common Room/ T.V. Room Yes – 5 rooms
Visitors’ Room Yes
Indoor Gym/ Games area Yes
Laundry & Ironing Yes
Ayas/ Room Cleaners Yes – Free
Day Care No
Wi-Fi/ Cable T.V. Yes – Free
Security/ Guards Yes – at all times
Shopping shuttle to Isl. / Rwp. Yes – Bi-monthly/ Free
Access to WMC Library Yes


The hostels are surrounded by green spaces and a park for the students is in the pipeline. WMC takes the security of its students and staff very seriously and it is for this reason that there are guards stationed on the college and hostel premises 24 hours a-day. The tri-seaters, with a capacity for three students, are generally designa
ted for first and second year students and cost less than the cubicle which is for a single student only. Both types of rooms come with attached bathrooms and are fully furnished.

General Instructions:

  1. Hostel accommodation is available to all out-of-town students on first-come basis.
  2. A monthly fee is charged, the amount of which is decided upon every year by the WMC Administration in consult with the Hostel Committee. Charges may be inquired about from the Finance Department or Students’ Affairs Section.
  3. To secure boarding, the hostel fees for the whole year may be deposited at the start of each college term with the WMC Finance Department and registration obtained from the Students’ Affairs Section.
  4. Allotment of boarding space shall be decided by the Hostel Warden for each hostel.
  5. Temporary Boarding facilities for shorter periods are also available, however, space availability is competitive during Examination periods.
  6. In case of emergency or security situations, the Hostels remain open and college students are given accommodation on basis of charge of over-night fees.
  7. Currently, hostels remain closed during long holiday/ examination study periods, as students are expected to go back to their home stations.
  8. For New Students, the eligibility for hostel accommodation is dependent upon securing admission in WMC and receiving a Student Registration.
  9. All accommodation details and queries shall be directed to the Students’ Affairs Section.